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About Peps Goh 吴宇冲

Peps Goh is a bilingual Actor based in Singapore, focusing primarily in screen-work, but also dabbles in both theatre and online media .

Peps first entered the stunt industry in 2014, accumulating experience with various stunt companies working from the ground up and eventually running his own fight-design & coordination service.

Besides acting, he also holds occasional seminars and masterclasses in screen fighting for Actors and provides personal coaching services.

Some Notable Works:  

  • 《路边歌王》 The Story Of Wanglei 2018 (Wang Lei – Teens to Early 30s)
    • Directed by Ivan Ho & Jack Neo
    • Produced by J-Team Productions & Oak3 Films
  • The Bicentennial Experience 2019 (Sang Nila Utama)
    • Directed by Michael Chiang & Beatrice Chia-Richmond
    • Produced by Singapore Bicentennial Office

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Acting Services

Bilingual Actor for TV,
Films, Web-Series & Commercials

Channel 8: Leave No Ghosts Behind
我家3只鬼 2021 (Enzo)
Channel 5:
Le Prawn Park 2020 (Matthew)
The Story Of Wanglei 路边歌王 2018 (Wang Lei – Teens to Early 30s)

Fight Design & Coordination

Fight Design, Choreography, Consultation & Coordination services for hire.

Channel 5: Night Watchers 2021
(Fight Design & Coordinator)
MeWatch: Muay Thai Girl 2019
(Fight Design & Coordinator)
 Killer Not Stupid 2019 杀手不笨
(Taiwan Stunt Team Understudy)
TVC: Miles Life Mobile App 2018 (Fight Design & Coordinator)

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Live Shows & Theatre

Screen-Combat, Street-Dance & Acrobatics-Trained Performer for theatre, live-show & stunt performances.

Live Show: The Bicentennial Experience 2019 (Sang Nila Utama)
Musical Theater: The Forbidden City Musical 2017 (Ensemble & Acrobat) 

Private Coaching

Private coaching services available for 1-to-1 or up to 4 pax groups

– Screen-combat training for Actors
– Martial Arts Foundational Training
– Parkour & Free Running
– Acrobatics


“Lessons are clear & broken down into bite-sized segments, making it easy for everyone to understand. Friendly & helpful instructors and team made the entire workshop an enjoyable experience!”​

Maia Lee
Actor, Singer, Song-writer​
“A great crash course to dig deep into screen fighting. Syllabus was well thought out. Trainers are experienced and patient. Looking forward to future projects with the community & more growth!”​

Lucas L
Freelance Actor, Founder at FitLuc
“Teaching method is very detailed, instructors are patient and learn a lot of useful skills during this course.”​

Actor at TVB

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Fight Design Demo Reel