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Love at Second Sight 二见钟情 Character Lookbook - Peps Goh

Love at Second Sight 二见钟情 Character Lookbook

Love at Second Sight 二见钟情 Character Lookbook ft. American Eagle Outfitters, Gaston Luga, BATA Singapore

Let’s talk about all the stuff I had on in the Love At Second Sight 二见钟情 advert-trilogy-short.

American Eagle Outfitters

The American Eagle Outfitters had recently in February 2018 exited Singapore, closing 2 of their outlets; one on ground level of Suntec and the other in Vivo basement. The first article of clothing that I had owned from them was back in about 2012, this was several years before they had first entered Singapore in 2015. It was a gift from my sister, whom lovingly had bought me clothes often when she was overseas. She had effectively single-handedly built my entire wardrobe back when I was studying in Nanyang Polytechnic. A combination of straight jeans and an assortment of tastefully selected minimalist T-shirts was the usual staple.Peps Goh AEO Gaston Luga 1And perhaps that is the reason why I had felt so at home in these tees, although I had forgotten it I had effectively grown into adulthood in their T-shirts. This was a simple blue and white strip patterned T-shirt, with a thick enough fabric not to be all droopy and sloppy, but soft and breathable enough to be comfortable in Singapore’s insanely warm climate.

Peps Goh BATA SingaporeSingaporeans have no business walking around in jeans because of our climate. I have been an adamant advocate against jeans in general, save for a few rare pairs. This pair of ripped white piece is one of the rare ones my ass agrees with. Breathable and great range of motion, you can totally squat butt to heel in them without feeling stiff demin squeezing the bejessus out of your dangly bits.

BATA Bullets

Now lets talk about these sneakers.

I have a directly disproportionate love of how high-cut sneakers look versus how much I like wearing them. I owned a pair in the past and I could count the amount of times it was worn with the toes on my feet before it was tossed. The old pair I had before made blisters like how I made bad puns. Which is often, like really often. And they tend to heat up and be troublesome to put on/pull off.

Why did I love how they look? This is a lame reason, but full disclosure; I saw Will Smith put on a pair in I-Robot, and all of a sudden they are my favorite looking footwear.

Peps Goh American Eagle Outfitters

I like Will Smith. Anyways.

This pair of high-cuts sneakers are pretty comfy as far as my personal experience of high-cuts go. No blister, breathes well and doesn’t heat up much during the shoot for Love At Second Sight 二见钟情.

They are still harder to put on/pull off compared to regular sneakers, but that’s just the nature of high-cuts y’all.

Gaston Luga Clässy – Navy & Brown

I hadn’t grown up with fancy school bag packs, and hence I was super stoked to get these. I hadn’t grown up in that kinda financial situation you see. Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty to eat and slept well, we just didn’t splurge other stuff. As long as the bag could fit all them school stuff without breaking apart in 3 step ya know what I mean. Which was good too, because I really didn’t take care of my belongings to be honest. I digress.

This one (picture above) looks damn sweet. Leathery look on top of the blue base, easy to pair with most clothing, and it looks slick without being overly outstanding. Plus, all the metal parts are gold in color, low key smexy af amirite.

This one fits A4 perfectly, good for office/class. Don’t over pack it though, while the straps are comfy and much softer than the leathery look implies, but it still airs on the thinner side. Physics 101, pressure x surface area etc, you know the equation.

Clässic – Navy & Brown

Peps Goh Male Fashion Gaston LugaYou may have noticed, yes I really favor the leathery brown on the blue. The Clässic model is a hardier alternative, with wider straps and higher volume, this is the one I carry day to day most often even after the Love At Second Sight 二见钟情 shoot.

More on American Eagles Outfitters: Random note, but you see that grey tee above? I had a conversation half a decade ago with a sewing aficionado once, that eventually led to a really interesting tidbit on how cloth with these textures are woven, and that information had stayed in my head ever since, so I thought you might be interested.

The weave a ratio together; e.g. 2 black threads to 1 white thread (depending on the grey they are aiming for) and the inter-weaving of the colors are what produces the ambiguous nice texture of a grey like this top above.

Love At Second Sight 二见钟情 Fashion Lookbook

AEO Peps Goh Model
Next up, this plait button-up is ridiculously soft. Comfy as a shirt can ever get. If you ever walk into an American Eagle Outlet overseas, please just search this out and touch it. It’s worth it.
The Epiphany Duplet PhotoshootOh lookie here, I’m wearing not just clothes, I’m wearing my girlfriend on my back! #HighFashion

Peps Goh Tiffany Yong AEOReading while swinging is nauseating, don’t do it.

Going Formal/Adult With American Eagle Outfitters

Peps Goh Smart CasualThis sweater had caught my eye the first thing when I stepped in the store. I think it may have been meant as a festive piece, it was near Christmas when we picked it out. Regardless, I really dig this preppy look.

Peps Goh Tiffany Yong Koi PLUS SingaporeAmerican Eagle Outfitters Website: | Instagram: @americaneagle | Facebook:

Check out Tiffany Yong’s Fashion Lookbook here!

Love at Second Sight 二见钟情 Full Series

Wardrobe Styling by Joanne Lim (Image Success)

The wardrobe for “Love At Second Sight 二见钟情” was styled by Joanne Lim from Image Success. Here’s a little excerpt from her!

Joanne Lim: Peps has a natural colour pattern that is both cool and warm: with a skin tone that is more warm than cool, cool and warm tones in his eyes, and a cool hair colour. The colour combinations of the shirts we picked for Peps is in line with his contrast level.

Image Success Styling Peps GohTop left look: This look was rejected for Peps, as the colour was too cool for Peps’ skintone and does not complement him, and it is also too bright, taking the attention away from Peps himself.

To find out the colours and styles that express your best self in your career and life, please contact Image Success at Tel: +65 6766 2196, or email Joanne Lim at

Image Stylist: Joanne Lim | Website: | Instagram: @iamjoannelim | Facebook:

Special Thanks

Photographer: Tan Genghui | Website: | Instagram: @tangenghui | Facebook:

Yaya MUA Love at Second SightMakeup Artist: Nhurul Hidayah (Yaya) | Instagram: @yayakuitz | Facebook:

Gaston Luga Tan GenghuiGet Free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) +15% off your Gaston Luga backpack purchase when you use the promo code “TheEpiphanyDuplet”.
Gaston Luga Website: | Instagram: @gastonluga | Facebook:

BATA SIngapore Peps GohBATA Singapore Website: | Instagram: @batasingapore | Facebook:


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P.S. Read my PRK (Soft-EpiLASIK) Recovery to see how I got back my 20/20 vision with W Eye Clinic.

16 thoughts on “Love at Second Sight 二见钟情 Character Lookbook”

  1. Great picks. Most of them would even work with older men. The minimalistic approach but with the right shade and comfort is what sets it apart from the usual clothing.

  2. Emily Fata,

    All of these outfits are so great! I love the layered look, and the colours that are used to create them!

  3. I love the clothing choices—they look terrific on you in your modern slender build. Your choice of formal wear highlights your youth, making you look the part of school boy. It’s sweet, so I don’t mean any offense. I enjoyed your pics and your relationship looks fun.

  4. I enjoyed seeing all these pictures! I think the outfits are great choices but in the final picture where you see the rejected outfits I think I have to agree, the ones that were selected suited you better 🙂

  5. I. Like your slender, modern looks. Your relationship looks very fun. Your formal wear might be re-labeled schoolboy in a most positive way.

  6. I love all these looks. I think my favorite would be the plaid button-up because that is definitely something my husband would wear. I’m definitely going to share this post with him, as it’s right up his alley!

  7. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Those are some great outfits for teenagers. and I really like that backpack looks really cool.

  8. What a great lookbook this is. I like the outfits chosen to showcase the character. I am a fan of the striped tee!

  9. I really like this lookbook, the outfits and the style look great. The images are just perfect and the makeup artist has done a really good job, so natural. I like the classic navy and brown look.

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