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Lazada Surprise Box 2018: Johnson&Johnson (For Him)

Unboxing Lazada Surprise Box: Johnson&Johnson (For Him)

If you have been following on my Instagram or Facebook Page (Yes, blatant self-promoting), you would probably have known that I’ve been in Taichung for the past 5 weeks or so, working on Jack Neo’s upcoming movie “Killer Not Stupid” aka 杀手不笨. This Lazada Surprise Box Unboxing has zero relevance to the movie (haha), but totally related to my long stay in Taiwan!

So I had ‘released’ back to Singapore for a short three days, and instead of chilling at home, my short stay escalated to become a fully packed back-to-back events and work schedule. Sigh, you know you will never be freed from work when you have a workaholic girlfriend who happens to be a blogger.
Johnson and Johnson for Him Lazada Surprise BoxBesides getting to see my ever-growing adorable baby nephew, the bright side of my trip back to Singapore was receiving this gift from Lazada! Yes, that’s the famous Lazada Surprise Box – Lazada X J&J FOR HIM BOX. This is my first year collaborating with Lazada, and I’m pretty lucky to be able to meet the period where Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 is taking place!

What’s in Lazada Johnson&Johnson (For Him) Box?

Over the three days from 24th – 26th April 2018 (Tuesday – Thursday), there will be great deals at up to 90% off, more than 600 flash deals as well as 74 Brands selling Brand Surprise Boxes at $29 and $49. Each Lazada Surprise Box contains more than $100 worth of products. For Johnson&Johnson (For Him) Box, it will be out on 25th April (Wednesday at 2pm), and I did a short unboxing video revealing a sneak peek of what I’ve gotten!
Lazada 2018 Surprise Box for MenI’ve received a total of 7 products from the Lazada x Johnson&Johnson (For Him) Box, and to be honest, I didn’t think the products would be any great. I’m a minimalist, and before opening up the Lazada Surprise Box, I thought I would probably use less than half of the products and leave the rest lying around.

The response video was taken when I first open the box without knowing what the content was, so that’s just a one-take video. My first reaction was to choose the above three products to bring with me back to Taiwan for the next 4-5 weeks of movie filming. I picked the Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Lotion SPF50 PA++++ (88ml) as the weather in Taiwan is getting warmer and I’m getting fried by being under the sun for long hours. That’s near $45 saved *ka-ching*

Another product was the Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF 15 (another $7 saved!). Lips need SPF too? Oh well, I’m getting chapped lips from the lack of kisses, I mean moisture due to the dry weather in Taiwan. So protected against the sun’s UVA and UCB rays while keeping my lips conditioned!

I always like to know what I get when I pay the moolah, but I also don’t want to spoil everyones’ surprises.,..

The big surprise for me was the Ultra Strength Bengay Pain Relieving Cream (113g), as most of you know, I am a stunt actor and bruises and injuries are my friends. The cream would cost me over $62 if I’m to purchase it à la carte or in the local drug stores, so this product alone is worth the price of the whole Lazada Surprise Box! Besides the above stated, you will get plenty of other Johnson&Johnson products which you can use daily.

Do note that the range of the products in every Johnson&Johnson (For Him) Surprise Box will vary (so you guys might be getting goodies that I don’t have!), but the total value will definitely be above $100!

P.S. I brought 5 out of the 7 products with me to Taiwan in the end.

Lazada Surprise Box Peps GohGet 18%* off when you use the voucher code: LAZPARTYNC6
*Capped at $6. Valid for first 100 new customers between 24 – 26 April, 2018 only.

Tip of the day: If you are afraid to miss the times to purchase the flash deals and surprise boxes, download the Lazada Singapore app. By doing so, you can shop-on the go and get exclusive app-only offers at great discounts as well. You’ll also get free shipping along with 14-day free returns for your purchases! How convenient, right? 

Do share with me if you’ve made your purchases at Lazada Singapore and your shopping experiences!


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16 thoughts on “Lazada Surprise Box 2018: Johnson&Johnson (For Him)”

  1. What a great gift box for men! I would never have thought about the pain relief but that works out amazingly for you and all your work related bruises and such! I hope even though you had a busy three days you still got to spend some nice time with your girlfriend 🙂

  2. This is a really lovely idea. A gift box for men. It looks like you got some really great things and it was a success!

  3. Surprise boxes are not my thing! lol, I know, there are so many subscription boxes out there but I’m always disappointed with the contents. I must say I am happy that your box contains full-size products, some just put samples!

  4. That sounds like a really nice subscription box, the products sound so good. The full-size of the products is another great point, I am glad you enjoyed the products.

  5. That’s actually really cute they made a “for him” box. Usually beauty products are catered to women.. I’ll def send my fiancee this way <3

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