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(Foundation) Screen Fighting Seminar by Peps Goh Fight Design

[Foundation Class] Screen Fighting Seminar by Peps Goh Fight Design

The Why:

Being in the industry for several years, I feel that Singapore’s action scene is at just the right time to bloom, with more productions daring to venture further into action and including fights scenes and stunts into their stories. In the light of that coming progress, it had became more and more important to educate and equip actors with the proper tools to keep themselves safe on set.

Hence, the birth of this Screen fighting Seminar for aspiring stunt actors.

The What:

So what do you learn from this three day screen fighting seminar?
Singapore Screen Fighting Seminar Peps Goh Fight Design
In this Screen Fighting Seminar, participants will be taught the foundations of hand-to-hand screen combat and the safety aspects of a screen-fighting performance.

There will also be an opportunity to experience and learn to operate equipment used in screen-fighting special effects such as wire-pulls and deployment of a blood squib machine.

As a capstone, participants will perform in a designed stunt choreography, which will be professionally recorded and edited into a demo that participants can use for their own casting purposes.

So if you are a budding actor who wants to learn how to stay safe when doing action scenes, or an actor who wants to venture and try out what it takes to be a stunt actor, this will be a basic introductory course where you are expose to the essentials!

This three day workshop is suitable for both male and female, aged 13 years and above, with or without any martial arts and/or dance background.

Disclaimer: Rome wasn’t built in a day, so this seminar will not transform someone with zero martial arts into Donnie Yen. However, this will be a good brick-laying foundation course for one to gauge his passion and talent in screen-fighting!

Want a Sneak Peek? Let the Instructors Tell You What You Will Learn

The When:

Screen Fighting Seminar will be held from 14th March 2020 (Saturday) to 16th March 2020 (Monday). The 19 hour workshop will be carried out over three day, and students will be able to cover the basics of various commonly used techniques in local film and stage fight.

14th March 2020 (Saturday): 1PM -7PM

  • Screen/Stage Fight Reactions
  • Domestic Violence Scenes Safety
  • Combative: Chinese Martial Arts/Filipino Martial Arts & Kicking introduction

15th March 2020 (Sunday): 11AM-7PM

  • Break-fall & Takedown
  • Grappling 101
  • Wire-pull fundamentals, harness and crash safety
  • Blood squib rigging and reactions

16th March 2020 (Monday): 12PM – 5PM

  • Rehearsing for choreography and filming

The Where:

The three day foundation seminar will be held at Refuel Gym Academy.
Address: 219 Lavender Street, Singapore 338773
Bendemeer MRT: 8 mins walk (600m) via Kallang Bahru and Lavender Street
Farrer Park MRT: 9 mins walk (750m) via Serangoon Road
Nearest Bus: 13, 67, 67W, 133, 141, 145

By Who:

◆ Instructor: Peps Goh
Peps Goh Fight Design
Peps Goh, best known as the actor playing the lead role in Toggle’s 10 episode long 路边歌王 “The Story Of Wang Lei”.

He was the action designer of Muay Thai Girl that featured 11 different fight scenes pushing the frontier of what has been done with female oriented action scenes in Singapore. Worked on and understudied with Taiwan’s stunt team in the Jack Neo’s first action feature film; Killer Not Stupid (2019).

◆ Assistant Instructor: Kasimir Poh Cieslak
kasimir poh cieslak peps goh fight design
As an actor and stunt performer, you might find Kasimir Poh Cieslak a familiar face on many Singapore’s TV commercials eg. Canon, Health Promotion Board, Scoot and Singapore Tourism Board. He has also produced, coordinated and performed in local action short films such as Timecase and Bounty.

Behind the scenes, he also worked on stunts for various local TV channels and movies, such as Code of Law, Vittai 4, 卫国先锋 (When Duty Calls), 爱.不迟疑 (My Teacher Is A Thug), Days of Disaster, Ah Boys to Men 4 (ABTM 4) and 女鬼爱上尸 (When Ghost meets Zombie).

Kasimir is also a stunt performer for Universal Studios Singapore’s live shows – Waterworld, Jurassic World, Halloween Horror Nights, run by Hollywood Stunt Group Action Horizons.
Find him at @KasimirPohCieslak

◆ Assistant Instructor: Alvin Richard
Alvin Richard Peps Goh Fight Design
With a black belt in Judo, Alvin Richard was a competitive cheerleader and Capoeira dabbler.

He has been working with Waterworld Show at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) under Action Horizons since 2013, and has performed for seasonal shows such as Jurassic World and Halloween Horror Nights.

Locally, Alvin Richard has acted in films such as Ah Boys to Men and Killer Not Stupid, TV series like Incredible Tales and Journey With Me, and short films, most notably Purple Light. He most recently served as stunt coordinator for the the Channel 5 TV series Mixed Signals.
Find him at @iammistera

★ Guest Instructor: Teng Yangguang
Yangguang Teng Peps Goh Fight Design
Yangguang is a stunt director providing stunt services to MediaCorp and event productions for over a decade. From vehicle, to fire and high fall stunts, he is also the leading service provider in wirework locally.
Find him at Stunt & Stilt

The How:

There will be a maximum capacity of 20 pax for this class due to safety reasons. So sign-up for the Screen Fighting Seminar by clicking on the button below before the slots are gone!

If you have any enquiries, feel free to comment below or contact me!

Peps Goh
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